Adsense:The Big Boss

Making Money Online using Adsense

Step1-Getting an adsense account approved

1.Go to the website
2.Create a new account here and build up a new hub
3.A hub is very similar to a blog (If you have questions on how to build one,feel free to ask)
4.Make sure that you abide by the normal rules of web publishing-original content
5.Now publish your hub and wait for the comments from the hubpages team
6.It may take a day or two for their response.Some of the common review comments are duplicate material found over the internet or not enough content.A hub demands a minimum of 1200 characters.
7.Make the necessary modifications to your hub until it is accepted by the hubpages team.Don't worry their rules are not very stringent
8.If time permits work out multiple hubs using the above steps
9.Now apply for adsense by going to the link and signing up for Google Adsense.
10.You will receive an email from google asking for authorizing HubPages for accessing your adsense account.Approve the same
11.Wait for a few days ...........
12.Open your inbox and there is your Approved Adsense Account mail from Google!!!

Step-2:Making money via adsense

1.Once you have an approved adsense account,gaurd it like your eyes.Because it will turn out to be your most coveted weapon if you want to win the battle for online revenue
2.So beware absolutely no fraud clicks.Go through the Google Adsense Program policies at least once and make sure that your abide by the rules.
3.Now start of with blogs and hubs.Try placing relevant content in them.
4.Create a Google Webmaster account and submit a sitemap for your blog/hub/website via the same.
5.Submit your site to google search engine
6.The one and only one mantra for earning money via adsense or any of its competitors is traffic.
7.So start advertising your blog wherever you can...
Find below a list of potential options for advertising your blog
1.Youtube-upload a video showcasing your website
2.Orkut,Facebook,Myspace etc

8.Be patient and wait for your blog to pickup up traffic.Don't let go in between.Once it has picked up a decent traffic the Dollar will start rolling in !!

9.Integrate your websites with Google Analytics to analyze their performance and areas of improvement.

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